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Find freelance Java work on Upwork. Java online jobs are available. Skip to main content. Upwork Close navigation software consulting firm is seeking a backend developer to help build out NodeJS APIs for a handful of different projects. Candidate must have server-side NodeJS, Java, MongoDB, and Redis experience. Experience with AWS.

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This installment of Open source Java projects showcases Akka, a JVM-based toolkit and runtime that implements the actor model as message-passing paradigm. Start with a simple example, then work through a more complex program using. Sep 03,  · Java Projects that will Have You Inspired and Sharpen Your Skills. September 3, Java can work in any platform. This means that you can develop an application that can be used across multiple operating systems. Have you ever been away from home and needed to do some banking transactions and you couldn’t because you were away? Say, in a Author: Kasia Mikoluk. Find info on projects that you can complete yourself with Home Depot DIY. Learn from our resources in project and buying guides and free DIY in-store workshops.